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Solo is a 009 Sound System song written by Alexander Perls. It was made in 2009.


I don't wanna wait

Gotta find the way home

Cuz' since I went solo

I could get so low... oh oh oh

I don't know the way

To find what I'm searchin for

Cuz time goes so slow...

When u go solo...

Today awoke

I was alone

In a world

Of broken bones

Though I scanned horizon I saw nothing

Nothing at all

Felt I need you

In my mind

Felt I'm seein u

Though I'm blind

Your heart's still hanging in my life

And it's a mattter of time cuz'

I got a fever

I couldn't check

Like judas needed

To double it

Sure thirty pieces 'betta 'betta than nothin'

Nothin' at all

If I'm seein' u

In my mind

I can see on through

And it's time

To break the chains of lonely life

It's a matter of time cuz