When You're Young

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When You're Young is an 009 Sound System song written by Alexander Perls. It was released in 2007.


Jamie was a pretty little small town girl

From her daddy's porch

Watching the world rolling slowly

It always seemed so boring

Her boyfriend jimmy worked 9 to 5

Doing alright

But thought he could make a move

Said jamie baby hit the road with me

Watch what we'll do

No we won't lose

Cuz' when you're young you take the money and run you never realize when you do it for the first time that

You always pay the price...

Late one night

On a freeway stop

They took some credit cards

From the glove of a white '08 corolla

They said they'd be high rollers

And jimmy bought jenny some diamonds and pearls

For a week two

They were livin' on top of the world

They hit the road running south still thought that they won't lose

No they won't lose

Jimmy and jenny kept running enjoying their lives

Spendin' all that money

Not savin' a dime

Such a good run

They didn't think to try to hold on

First cop shows up at the motel door

Said are you jimmy james

Jimmy says yes it's true

But we're six miles from mexico

I know what we'll do

Jamie and me can't lose


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